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Develop Important Dancing Skills

Develop your dancing skills, enrich your creative spirit, and let it all loose with our dedicated team at idea factory, inc. We help individuals from every age group fine tune the dancing skills they have while creating new and better behaviors that assist them to succeed. Take the time to enjoy learning and expressing yourself in a nurturing and encouraging environment. We pride ourselves on the inviting atmosphere that makes learning easier and more fun for people of every background. Make you or your child's dreams a reality with our talented team of dancers.

Come Learn a New Style Of Dance

Whether you're a novice or a master, there is always something else to be learned in the art of dance. To match every skill level, we have classes that cover a complete range of experience, so everyone has a place to learn. Our studio encourages others to come together as a family to learn and celebrate their love of dance for a more pleasant overall experience. Sign up for the dance style you want to learn about the following options:

  • Ballet and Pointe
  • Tap
  • Broadway and Acrobatic Jazz
  • Jazz/Hip Hop/Funk Fusion
  • Contemporary
Hip Hop Dancing