idea factory, inc. dance studio

Easier Registration for Your Dance Class

Signing on and getting registered for dance has never been easier before! Our team at idea factory, inc. prides itself on making your next creative adventure easier through the use of our downloadable dance class registration form. Just print out the form and bring it completed with a check for the registration fee of $25.00. Along with the fee, you must also pay a full month's tuition on the date of your first class. We also accept all payments and forms mailed to our location directly.

Enjoy learning in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere all at affordable monthly tuitions. Prices for our classes are as follows:

  • 30-Minute Classes: $34.25
  • 45-Minute Classes: $39.75
  • 60-Minute Classes: $46.50
  • 90-Minute Classes: $62.50

Dance Class

Other Ways To Pay

We always encourage both new and continuing dancers to try different forms and styles with us. If you wish to try out a new class and see what works for you, you can always try a single class for a fee of only $15.00. If the class you have tried is something you want to pursue, then that $15.00 price you paid for the day will go towards your registration fee.

If you are an adult or senior citizen dancer looking to join, you also have two alternate payment options available to fit into your busy professional and family life. The first alternative includes a drop in rate of $15.00 for a 60-minute class. The other includes dance class cards for 10 hours of dance instruction at $135.00. One student can use either for any scheduled adult and senior class.

Age Waivers

Classes are always ongoing so you can join our studio at any time throughout the school year. Age and experience requirements can only be waived by audition and invitation only. If you have any questions regarding age waivers, please contact Director Cynthia D. King.

Multi-Class Discounts

Discounts are always available for senior citizens, family, children, multiple disciplines, and more. We welcome you all to learn a wonderful skill with us in a nurturing and inspiring environment. Join as a family, expand creative boundaries, and improve your skills with our available discounts. Contact us today for more information on how you could save money with us.